Hospitality industry players confident of a rebound in business this year

Hospitality industry players confident of a rebound in business this year


Players in the tourism and hospitality industry are confident of a good business year in 2022.

President of the Ghana Hotels Association, Dr Edward Ackah-Nyamike, stated they had, despite the impact of the pandemic, begun to record significant progress late last year.

“Well, if we look at the base year as 2020 when Covid struck, we suffered in the early quarters of the year and up to the end of the year. And then we saw some improvements during the Christmas of 2020 and it picked up in 2021 up to the end of the year.”

He further expressed optimism that this year has a lot more prospects, despite the lingering impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry.

“So we have realised that the recovery is on the ascendancy. We’re hoping that 2022 will also be better than 2021 and probably by the end of the year, we can even start hitting pre-covid performance because I think we’re getting used to the fact that the virus will be here for some time. So we are putting in measures that will ensure that we manage the pandemic together with our business as well.”

The sector is still recovering from the outbreak of COVID-19 since it first hit the shores of the country two years ago.

The industry suffered immensely from the pandemic, as many businesses closed during its peak due to some restrictions that were introduced.

A lot more were, afterwards, compelled to downsize to stay afloat.

But with the rollout of vaccines and their level of efficacy, business appears to be progressive

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