T.Y Kente Group Of Companies established to create the platform for students and lecturers from schools, colleges, universities, anthropologist and not limited to the above, as well as individuals (locally and internationally) and company exhibitors in the art and craft industry to inform, acquaint themselves and learn how to hand weave Kente, an African, Ghanaian prestigious art and craft. Our utmost concern is to showcase the beautiful traditional art and craft-work namely, Kente, Bead, Adinkra Cloth, Painting, Pot and Batik tie and dye with its colourful artifact that last longer than you can think and does not fade. Masons hand craft-work, especially Kente, is recognized internationally as the highest expression of African art and craft artistry .wearing Kente, Andinkra, Batik tie and dye clothes without Bead portray. Is used as cloth, bed spread, table cloth, door and window curtains, post cards, shirts, ties, academic gown, and choir robe and for decorating books, caps drums etc.

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Thompson Yao Avornyotse

Managing Director

Thompson Avornyotse teaches American students kente weaving. Long-standing USAID Trade Hub client and master kente, weaver, Thompson Avornyotse from eastern Ghana, recently bucked that trend—traveling to the U.S. to participate in workshops on kente weaving in June and July. More than 90 U.S. artists and art teachers—5 men and 85 women, from over 30 states attended.