Vinolia Wealth Enterprise stands as a distinguished processing company, specializing in a diverse array of breakfast foods, fufu products, spices, and cosmetics. Our unwavering dedication lies in the consistent production of high-quality goods, tailored precisely to meet the expectations and demands of our valued customers. Boasting more than 15 years of invaluable experience across these domains, we have left a positive imprint on communities through our impactful training and development programs. Our vision extends to nurturing and uplifting aspiring young men and women, offering them expert coaching and hands-on training in the art of cereal and cosmetics processing. Our goal is not only to satisfy the needs and desires of customers in Ghana but also to expand our reach beyond borders. At Vinolia Wealth, our mission encompasses more than just business; we are committed to creating a robust market for smallholding farmers by procuring raw materials for our processing operations. The residue generated from our processes is ingeniously repurposed as poultry feed, fertilizers, and other value-added products, thereby contributing to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Moreover, our endeavors translate into meaningful employment opportunities for the youth. We're here to make a difference!

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Vinolia Emma Zigah

Founder & CEO

I'm Vinolia Emma Zigah, a dedicated entrepreneur specializing in the production of a wide range of breakfast foods, spices, and cosmetics. My unwavering commitment lies in delivering top-notch products that not only meet but exceed customer expectations. With more than a decade of expertise in these fields, I've successfully made a positive impact on communities through various training and development initiatives. My vision extends to empowering numerous aspiring individuals, particularly young talents, by providing comprehensive coaching and hands-on training in cereal processing and cosmetics production. I aspire to equip them with practical skills that will not only cater to the local demands of customers in Ghana but also reach beyond our borders. Together, we can make a difference!